To create content for various channels can be both time consuming and complex. The key factor is to create relevant content which your customers and followers appreciate and engage with. Through regular maintenance we offer to provide clients with regular updating of content on social media channels, home pages and blogs. We customize content according to the rules of the channel and in accordance with your current communication strategy.


To write powerful and engaging content will always be an important part of good marketing. A well-intended message can easily lose ground and focus when written without a well-planned and strategic reason. That’s why we offer our sharpest pencils for your content needs.


Graphic design and the visual language is a necessity to succeed in the digital world. We have all seen a rather dull home page or a badly managed social media account that makes us lose faith in a brand, even if its foundation is genuinely good. Whether it’s about a good-looking homepage, explanatory infographics, visually brilliant videos or creating a graphical tone for social media, we are the Agency for you.


Do you need someone to capture the emotion and feeling of your event or activity? Whether you are looking for photography, video recording or creating engaging stories on Instagram or Snapchat, our experience and knowledge to document shines through on the screen and creates the feeling of being present at the event.

As a client of Social Media Lab, you will receive access to our in-house calendar planning tool, “Social Content”. In Social Content you can easily follow the production, creation and preparation of the material we manage for your brand, providing the possibility for you to give feedback, adjust, advertise or add content in an easy to manage and informed way.