social media

Social media is now a given communication channel for all businesses. Everyone has different goals and conditions and our role is to always deliver the best results. Social Media Lab is the agency in Sweden with the longest experience in the industry, over the years, we have conducted thousands of campaigns on social media. For over six years we have worked to transform our clients likes into customers and brand ambassadors. This means you as a customer can always feel confident that we know what works and delivers results, from sales, distribution and engagement. We can help with everything from social media strategies, online advertising purchases and optimization, content writing, contests, creative ideas and concepts.

Search Marketing

Keyword optimization is about making a website visible in the search engines as well as to achieve good results in organic searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are more than 61 billion searches every month approximately and it is estimated that almost half of these are shopping or purchase related. For you to have the best success you will need a planned approach and an excellent team. Social Media Lab believes in the long-term and we think it is important to help our customers by providing training and information about implementing the right strategy. Online marketing will yield returns far into the future and therefore it is important that it is done correctly from the start. Social Media Lab helps with everything that may be needed from an SEO perspective and we love to teach what works today. Quite simply we ensure that your search marketing gives you results!


To lead and have the longest experience in the industry means responsibility. So we work hard with our training program to share our knowledge in lectures and courses in schools and businesses. Our programs and lectures will help you succeed with your digital presence and cover topics, such as, the latest trends in digital marketing and social media, success stories and client case studies. Social Media Lab adjusts each training session to you or your teams abilities, tailored towards the needs required. Please contact us to inquire about a set-up that would suit you!


Social Media Lab is a full service agency for development projects. We possess strong technical competence and offer the development of everything from advanced platforms to simple websites. We have mastery over all of the most common coding languages and always involve developers with great technical knowledge in each project. Fast loading times, responsive interfaces and well tested techniques are a given at Social Media Lab.


To create content for various digital channels can be time consuming and not always easy to formulate in the right way. Therefore, we help our clients to keep a regular flow of content across social channels, websites and blogs. Our content customers always have access to our tool Via the tool, our customers receive an overview of upcoming content, can provide feedback, track results and statistics and follow our daily work in the production of content.