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Pay Per Click campaigns

Be instantly visible with Google AdWords & Bing Ads!

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are sponsored links displayed at the top of search engines' results pages (above organic results) when users type specific keywords. This online marketing channel is the fastest way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Your website is immediately visible on all the keywords that you select and you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. It gives you the opportunity to reach the right customers and to quickly broaden your audience in order to boost your sales or to promote your brand. You can directly measure the evolution of your most important KPI and return on investment, helping you to make the best decisions and to adapt punctual or ongoing campaigns.

Different types of PPC campaigns can be launched on Google and Bing but also on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter (see our Social Media services). Pay per click strategies are also complementary to Search Engine Optimization, providing full online visibility to your website.

Our Expertise

We always work with the vision that a relationship with our clients should be long term. This is achieved by helping our customers to develop their business thanks to a complete strategy, seeking synergies between digital marketing channels. We follow Google AdWords and Bing Ads policies to obtain the best results for your campaigns.

Our PPC experts are Google AdWords certified and our agency is officially recognized as a Google partner, proving the quality of our methodology and results.

Our PPC services

Pay per click campaigns, also called Search Engine Advertising (SEA), require preliminary work to set up the campaigns as well as ongoing optimization. The PPC process can be divided in 4 main steps.


Market and keyword analysis

First of all, we analyze your website (content, products and services), your online target and competitors. We select both generic and long tail keywords that will drive relevant traffic. Media planning and budget are determined according to your goals and keywords' cost per click (CPC).


Campaign building & ads writing

We review your website to optimize it in the best way possible for the chosen keywords. Our actions are part of a complete SEO strategy to increase your website's domain authority and have a positive impact on many other keywords too. You will also receive useful tips for other pages and content, besides your priority keywords. The optimization performed will naturally have an effect on your entire website, which is included in our full SEO service.


Campaigns and ongoing optimization

Here starts our work for continuously improving the results and your return on investment. We aim at increasing your campaigns' Quality Score in order to become more visible at a lower cost. To do so, every Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is analyzed: clicks, impressions, average position and CPC, search terms, conversions, network performances... We adjust our bidding strategy according to competition, ROI and KPI evolution to get the best results possible. Campaign options and extensions are also implemented to increase your visibility on search engines.


Reporting & PPC tracking

Tracking is installed to follow up your campaigns' results in terms of conversions directly coming from your ads (for example: when a user fills in your contact form or purchases your product or service online). You will receive monthly/quarterly reports informing you of the performance of your ads on Google and/or Bing. Our experts will follow up your campaigns' results and adapt the bidding strategy and actions accordingly.